Panasonic EP-MA70  
  • Revolutionary thermal massage heads for a warm massage (neck, shoulder, back)
  • 3 dimensional massage mechanism
    - up/down movement (approx. 78 cm)
    - adjustable left/right movement (approx. 5-21 cm)
    - front/back movement (approx. 10 cm)
  • Shoulder massage and stretch functions
    - airbags hold both sides of the shoulders as massage heads knead the back
  • Pelvis stretch function
    - airbags hold the pelvis as the massage heads knead the lower back
  • Leg stretch/calf kneading functions
    - airbags massage sides and back of the calves
  • Auto body scanning system
  • 108 Massage technique combinations
  • Pre-programmed full body massages
    - Refresh, Deep, Shiatsu, Hip, Neck/Shoulder, Lower back
  • Customize your own programs
  • Backrest reclining angle: up to 170°
  • Variable speed & intensity control
  • Fold away arm and leg rests
  • High quality synthetic leather

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Technical Specifications  
EP-MA70 Brochure  
EP-MA70 Operating Instructions  
EP-MA70 Set up Instructions  
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