New Years Resolutions

This time of year many people look back on the previous 12 months, taking stock of the pros and cons, while thinking about what changes can be made (resolutions) for the upcoming year. Here are some of the usual examples.

  • “This is the year I’m finally going to write my novel.”
  • “This is the year I’ll stop smoking.”
  • “This is the year I’m going to get into the best shape of my life.”
  • “This is the year I’m getting organized.”

If this sounds like you rest assured that you are in a large group of people who take this time to come up with something that is usually positive that can be a source of focus to make improvements in your life. But these days it’s hard to find the time for yourself and family to make those improvements in your lite.

Some tips on making 2018 a possible game changer.

  1. Stop Procrastinating
  2. Be More Productive
  3. Work Smarter Not Longer
  4. Focus On Your Health
  5. Get Organized

Most of these are basic but they all help to enrich your life and those of your friends and family. A nice way to be more productive is having the right tools that make things easier. Redfern Ent. has a long list of products that are used to work smarter, clean faster and generally make things easier. When you do see something you like remember to enter code ‘redfern’ for your 10% discount.

Have a wonderful and safe New Years and we look forward to sharing more soon.