Get a clean home with right mop!
A clean home is everyone’s priority and the market is flooded with cleaning items that help you in the process. To choose the right cleaning item is quite a task and it depends on a variety of factors. A clean house does not just look lovely but also keeps your family secured from dust and dirt related diseases and allergies. Redfernent’s range of online mops will give you options to choose from to make your house clean. Our products have proven to be effective in rendering spaces clean and are cost effective.

Redfernent’s Range of Mops is your everyday solution for housekeeping and home decor needs. We bring you a range of cleaning mops available online that will help you achieve your cleaning goals. Our Rocket mop 360 is a classic mop that makes cleaning smarter. The microfiber mop head can spin 360 and can be placed directly in washing machine. Our collection of fine quality cleaning mops are durable and can be used daily with ease. The rocket ratchet mop is another mop that has a ratchet system that allows you to control how wet or how dry the micro fibre mop head is with an easy twist.

Why Choose us?
We believe in delivering quality products that are light on pocket but great in performance. For all your daily housekeeping needs, you have simple solutions at that delivers across all cities in Canada. We offer easy payment options to choose from. We guarantee fast shipping to all cities in Canada so track your orders and watch them arrive at your doorstep in no time. We make shopping experiences pleasurable with customer assistance provided round the clock. The quality products make your cleaning task less tiring and more fun. Buy mops online and achieve sparkling clean dust free homes.

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