Stay Warm with the Veito Blade Heater.

Winter is Coming! Stay warm with the Veito Blade Heater. It’s also a GREAT way to save on those crazy heating bills that seems to keep getting bigger and bigger.

One of the biggest questions marks in the upcoming months is how to say warm both indoors and outdoors the best way possible. We have the solution with our brand of Veito Heaters that offer great solutions for indoor and out door heating.

Here are some of the perks of this heater.

The Veito Blade 1500W heater is a multi-feature infrared heater, which is uniquely built to provide robust indoor and outdoor heating solutions. The edgy and modern design of the heater not only looks aesthetic, but also occupies minimal space. Blade heaters are known for their powerful lifelong reliability. The Blade infrared heater comes with a full control remote that can be used to regulate heat levels, power settings and the timer function. Furthermore, since all blade heaters operate on the same frequency, you can effectively control multiple Blade heaters with a single remote, thus saving time and energy.

With the tip over protection you can be assured of a long and safe use of this amazing heater. Try it now and see for yourself!

The Veito Blade 1500W Heater can be shipped to any state in Canada. We ship orders within 48 hours of processing, and the delivery depends on your preferred shipping method